meowdy! i'm anchovie. welcome to my corner of the net.

an inexhaustive list of things i do: art, design, cars, computers, rapid prototyping (3d printing, cnc, lasercutting), music, light coding, and keyboards.

i've been involved in the furry and maker communities for as long as i've had access to a computer at home. if i had to tie an age to my first encounter, i'd say i was about 10 years old. suffice to say, furries and technology have been with me for most of my life. many of my projects involve both; my most publicized being the now-defunct Lapfox Trax Remix Sound Team (we were young and bad at music, but it was a good time). members of these communities have been foundational to what i do today, either directly as collaborators and mentors or indirectly as inspirers. i try to give back by logging my journeys publicly as those before me did. my hope is that someday (maybe) something i do will light a spark in someone who stumbles upon it.

problem is, i'm generally pretty quiet in big spaces. i used to log my thoughts and projects on twitter, but posting there made me anxious. to suit my preference for smaller environments i revived my blog on tumblr. if you want to hear my thoughts in real-time, consider following that. if you just want to see the finished results, follow this website's RSS feed or bookmark my URL and check in every now and then :3

all that being said, i love to chat with folks in smaller groups or individually. so if you wanna reach out - whether it's to talk shop, request a commission, show me your cool keyboard, or just say hi - don't be shy!

telegram: @anchovie

tg channel: @anchoviedraws

tumblr: anchoviedraws

weasyl: anchoviedraws

picarto: anchoviedraws

character info page coming soon™