//anchovie's tapes

00 Jackmetal: some favorite powermetal, post-hardcore, and xyz-metal songs, prior to the project's official start.

01 Hip-Hop Chronology: the best of hip-hop from my collection, spanning 1998-2020. captures the genre's evolutions over time.

02 For Melancholy Days: songs that accompany me through tough times.

03 Macau Nights: easy listening vibes for cruising the strip at midnight.

04 [untitled mixtape]: a transition story set to a soundtrack.

05 god i wish that were me: vocalists i admire.

06 sardine's selections: a special curation by my friend Sardine.

07 Are Ya Winning, Son?: some of my favorite videogame tunes.

08 The Dusty Corner Bin Of Your Local Record Store: songs i found by digging around, or by happenstance.

09 Soundcloud Cuts: undiscovered gems from the algorithm.

10 Why Is There Fur In My Mixtape: songs from the fandom.

11 I Was A Rebellious Loser In Highschool And Now I'm Resigned To Working For The Man: an anti-war story told (mostly) through punk rock.